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          The idea to design starts forms looking for some old building on a unique location in Chiangmai Province. Santitham is a community zone that is quite a pleasant environment surrounding and many facilities for supporting the project.

          POR Hotel located at Chang Phueak Road, Soi 4 Cho. It is the northern area outside Chiang Mai's moat. Is a location that is not far from tourist attractions and has many facilities around it, consisting of 4 categories, including Category 1. food and beverage, restaurant, coffee shop, night market.Section 2. service category, including Convenience Store Supermarkets, drugs store, bank, clinics, etc. Part 3. Transportation: Chang Puak Bus Station Buses and non-buses etc. Section 4. Recreation: Boxing Stadium, Entertainment, Cultural Attractions Surrounded within easy walking distance.

          The old building looks like a 4-story row house, all along with the land. The appearance of the building is sophisticated. The original rooms are tiny. The condition of the building has been expanding without any formalities. That is an issue that needs to be solved problems for design and renovation.

        The feasibility study of the design takes into account the potential of the original building for maximum benefit in developing to be a lifestyle hotel under the concept that "Charm of imperfection" in 3-star hotel standards with new ideas in service feel comfortable like home. Value for the Money.

         The common area within the hotel designed with the necessary amenities such as cold water, hot water, kitchen, washing machine, fresh coffee, free 24-hour, etc. The reception integrated into the common area and swimming pool, and the designed to unified organized as a center for the exchange of experiences between employees and lovely guest, both Thai, and foreigners.

          The room is divided type into three types, double bedroom, twin bedroom, and a triple room, all rooms with air-conditioning and a private bathroom under the concept minimalist with POR style. Pricing is fixed rate throughout the year.

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